Trudi van Loon


 Ceramic Atelier HalfOm

Trudi van Loon with one of her Walking Bowls

Artist statement
For Trudi clay is the ultimate material to be able to directly manually shape her thoughts in a three-dimensional way. Its softness yet firmness makes it possible for her to surprise herself while searching to find, build and create new shapes. The individual clay sculptures, which she obtains by the molds she makes, give her  tremendous combination possibilities. By merging them together she composes new sculptures, sometimes functional or semi-functional. Trudi uses earthenware, - stoneware and porcelain ceramic casting slip. Her sculptures are fairly complicated. After several studies she now prefers to make completely white coloured objects in order to emphasize the shape of the sculptures. She uses recognizable figurative elements in a humoristic and alienating way beceause she likes to amaze the onlookers and make them wonder.........what is this???? By doing so she tries to encourage them to look at her work from various sides in order to find their own answer to the astonishing question that they might have in their mind.

Ceramic Atelier HalfOm
After her graduation in 2008, she needed a studio to develop a professional business as a ceramist. For almost 30 years Trudi and her husband had  a butcher shop , called Kwaliteitsslagerij van Loon. In 2015 the authentic working areas of this butchery became  Ceramic Atelier HalfOm, the perfect spot for Trudi to develop ideas, realise her ceramic dreams and to provide ceramic workshop for adults and children.