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 Trudi van Loon


Keramiek Atelier HalfOm, Karel I Sigarenfabriek, Turnhoutseweg 22, Reusel (elevator and disabled toilet available)


Artist statement
For me clay is the means for a three-dimensional translation of my thoughts. I assemble and arrange functional or semi-functional compositions with separate elements from my handmade molds. Various shape studies have led to my preference for making completely white objects. In my view the white colour does full justice to the shape of the object and makes it pure and powerful. I use recognizable figurative elements in an often humorous and alienating way. With the result I want to surprise, amaze and invite the onlookers to go on a journey of discovery. I would like to invite them to look at the object from all sides in order to find the answer to the question: What is this ... and ... what is the story behind it?

Ceramics Atelier HalfOm
After my graduation (2008) I looked for a suitable workspace to further develop my ideas. The various workspaces of the former Kwaliteitslagerij van Loon (where I worked as a butcher's wife for many years) turned out to be the perfect location for the realization of Ceramics Atelier HalfOm. In this authentic and inspiring environment I have worked with great pleasure for 12 years to mold my passion for clay.

In order to make my courses / workshops more accessible for the disabled, Ceramics Atelier HalfOm moved in the summer of 2020 to the renovated Karel I Sigarenfabriek, Turnhoutseweg 22 in Reusel. Here, artists and various studios have found a new dynamic workplace. Karel I is a national monument with an authentic and attractive appearance. Atelier HalfOm has a spaciously equipped workspace with north-facing shed roofs, which provides special daylight. In Karel I I found a new challenging workplace to further develop my work. A place where I would like to continue to share my passion with others, young and old.

Trudi van Loon